We are really excited to be offering groups and community organizations the opportunity to fund their missions in an Eco friendly and sustainable way!

We will help support your cause by offering free shipping and we will provide you with product information, beautiful imagery, ordering, and a free sample to help you sell.

There are 2 ways to do this. 

1. Bulk buy some product, distribute to your community to sell and collect money. This is more time consuming however research shows higher levels of success.

2. We create an online landing page for your school or club and people pay direct to us and we then at the end of the campaign distribute product and profit made. This is very straight forward if you have online engagement with your community. It allows you to have a hands-off approach, customers can order and pay directly with us.


Why? We need to continue to educate and remind ourselves that every small thing we do helps our environment and our future. 

What? Reusable produce bags are becoming a must-have as plastic bags are rapidly getting removed from our country. We also have the new stainless steel pegs that are the rage at present, replacing plastic pegs and wooden ones that rot.

How to make it happen? Get in touch to work out what options is best for you, we can either send you bulk product or get your fundraising page up and running to send out as a link to your community asap.  Email dee@myvitabag.co.nz


 For more details please click on the products below or contact us at support@myvitabag.co.nz