Reusable Produce Bag

Your sustainable solution to plastic bags - certified organic cotton and 100% biodegradable

Kiwis use 1.6 billion plastic bags per year

"They are used for an average of only 12 minutes, yet each one can take 1,000 years to degrade." -Greenpeace New Zealand

My Vita Bag products are fair trade and ethically made

Manufactured in India, New Zealand owned and operated

You're using over 500 plastic bags a year!

My Vita Bag reusable produce bags are your sustainable alternative to plastic bags. They are ethically made from certified organic cotton and are designed to last you a few years.

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My Vita Bag at New World Supermarkets

Available now in selected New World Supermarkets!


Super quick delivery. Ordered them just a couple of days ago.

Michelle Ritchie

I've just bought some of these reusable produce bags. Bet you could use some too! Good on you Ceci Clavijo, such a great idea and achievement to bring it to fruition. Happy 2018 everyone!

Anna Donald

Cool reusable produce bags, so we don’t have to use those little plastic ones they have in the supermarkets available from My Vita Bag. You can order them online. They arrived today - thanks Ceci Clavijo and they look great.

Vicki Buck

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