Why Produce Bags?

Why use a produce bag, well the first is a no brainer....let's reduce plastic waste and help save some turtles. But why else? Using a produce bag in the fridge actually reduces food waste too.... that makes sense, I would sweat in plastic and maybe get slimey......so fresh produce in organic cotton sounds like a second no brainer.



Seriously I have discovered that vegetables don’t rot in cloth, they actually end up drying out. So to keep them fresh you can run the bag under the tap quickly. While plastic traps moisture, cotton lets it evaporate, giving the vegetables room to “breathe.” Even veg like to meditate. Carrots retain their crunch. Swiss chard doesn’t lose its luster. It’s a miracle.

How to make this work? Like I mean actually getting to the Supermarket and having your produce bags.....well I have a couple of sets, one in the shopping bags ( that I now remember to leave in the back of my car) and a set is usually still in the fridge with stuff in them so I can re sort when I get home. 
The era of 48-hour basil is over! Purchase some My Vita Bags, save the planet, save your wallet and reduce waste. Why wouldn't you.... Be the Change!