Organic Cotton Produce Bags 4 pack Large Size

Organic Cotton Produce Bags 4 pack Large Size


My Vita Bag - Certified Organic Cotton Produce Bagsy Vita Bags are:

-Breathable: They prolong the life of fruit and veggies in the fridge and come with a convenient string attached to tightly secure the bags.

-100% plastic free and marine safe

-Machine washable (cold wash)

-Natural, waste free and reusable

Each pack contains: 

2 x large  x Organic fruit and Veg Net bag (28 by 33 cm )

2 x large x Organic Veg ,Bulk bin, nut milk bag Muslin (28 by 33 cm)


By using and reusing My Vita Bag 4PK Large you can stop around 208 plastic bags every year from ending up in landfill and our oceans.

* Since My Vita bag is made from 100% natural fabrics please allow 10% for shrinkage




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