Fundraiser Box - Eco Friendly Bags
Reusable Produce Bags My Vita Bag NZ Fundraiser
Reusable produce bags organic cotton My Vita Bag
Reusable Produce Bags My Vita Bag NZ
Fundraiser Box - Eco Friendly Bags
Fundraiser Box - Eco Friendly Bags

Fundraiser Box - Eco Friendly Bags

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Reusable. Biodegradable. Certified Organic.

What you get:

A box of 30 Mixed Packs of reusable, certified organic fruit & veg bags. Each pack contains 4 bags: 2 large (28 x 33 cm) and 2 small (20 x 25 cm). Perfect for resale!

How it works, is super easy !

  • Contact us for a free sample and all promotional materials
  • Take pre-orders so everyone gets what they need
  • Collect all orders from all your groups.
  • Place your total order with us and get free shipping
  • Keep the profit for your fundraiser 

 GST and Shipping is included in the price !

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Reusable produce bags Mixed 4PK





 .Who will buy reusable produce bags 

1. Everyone ! Reusable produce bags are becoming a must have as plastic bags are rapidly getting removed from our country.

2. Family, friends and neighbors (please take an adult if selling in your street)

3. Work Colleagues (Parents can help by taking them to work and selling them)

4. A stall on the main street, social media or asking local retailers to sell on your behalf 

Why My Vita bag 

When choosing a reusable bag there are 3 things to consider :

  1. How is the bag produced
  2. How many times will you use it
  3. How you can dispose of it

My Vita Bag Reusable produce bags are ethically made from organic fabrics designed to last many years, machine washable, help keep produce fresher in the fridge and they are  100% compostable once they reach the end of life.

Together let's promote a planet friendly lifestyle!

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